Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pile of Pictures

Betsy - our newest little niece born on Jan. 9th
Christmas goodies for our friends!  Hot Chocolate, Bailey's, Kahula & Marshmallows.  Wishing you a WARM and WONDERFUL Christmas - The Judd's 
I recently celebrated my 29th birthday!  I feel as young as ever!
Our other niece Brooxie started ballet lessons recently!
One of my best friends since childhood got engaged right before Christmas.  This is us in a home video when we were younger.  She's on the right :)
Tank received a lot of Christmas toys.  We had to clean out his basket and get rid of some old toys.  It was overflowing.

Below are a few things I have done recently in the monogramming department!

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  1. the little girl pic of you with the bangs makes me SO HAPPY :). and what cute hot cocoa gifts! love it!