Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three Years

Yesterday Jack and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.  It's hard to believe that three years has gone by so quickly.  I feel like I have known and been with Jack my whole life (in a really good way).

When Jack and I started dating, we were living in two different cities.  Him in Denver and me in Dallas.  We saw each other about twice a month.  Sometimes if we were lucky, it would be three times a month.  Something so great about long distance relationships is you have to talk on the phone.  That is all you have, so we really got to know each other inside and out.  Something not so great about long distance relationships is missing each other and the price to travel!!  After a year of dating, Jack proposed when he came to Dallas in October 2007.  I am so very lucky for Jack to have come into my life.  He is an amazing husband!  

Last night we spent a low key night together having dinner at this little bakery down the street from our house then heading home.  It was the perfect night.  I can only hope that every girl in the world experiences a love like I have.  It's awesome :)
Hot Husband
After dinner, we came home to this.  How lucky are we?


  1. oh this just makes me tear up?! time flies so quickly! i remember yesterday sitting at your apartment at the Post and you just in loooovvvvee :). glad you had fun celebrating last night, Tank was definitely ready to be in on the party...haha.

  2. I wanted to reach out from the blog world and tell you that I really enjoy your blog! My husband and I have a bulldog as well and love him as much as y'all love Tank. His name is Mosley and he is just over 2 years old. We spend many nights at home laughing at silly things he does and just his personality in general!
    I also wanted to say how sorry I am about the loss of your precious baby boy....I am an OB/GYN resident and, unfortunately; have had to experience the sudden loss of a baby with my patients. The heartbreak is devastating....
    Many prayers are with you...
    Krystal Baker