Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Heart Austin

Last weekend was a success in every way!  Austin was amazing, Jessica and Russell's shower was so nice and fun and Tank made it through his first weekend at camp with flying colors!

Friday night we all had dinner at Gueros!  YUMM.  Can you say "best corn tortilla ever made"?!  After a wonderful dinner we headed to this outdoor/indoor bar with live music.  Excuse me, I forgot the name of this place.  I highly suggest it though.  Saturday the group of us had a nice lunch at Chuy's Hula Hut on the water.  I loved every minute of it.  Jack and I drove around where all of the big houses are on the hill.  I seriously had to keep reminding myself we were IN AUSTIN.  Seriously, what do all of these people do with these HUGE houses?  It was like nothing I have ever seen.  Beautiful.  After that journey we went and toured around UT for a little bit.  It completely took me by surprise.  I loved it and thought it was so pretty!

Sunday driving home was LONG for one reason.  I was so excited to pick up Mr. Tank I could hardly stand it!  When we got to camp bow wow and Tank rounded the corner of the lobby, he was a wiggle machine!  So happy to see us!  We could tell he had a great time because it took him about 2 days to recover from his active weekend.  He slept A LOT on Sunday night and Monday :)

Us at Gueros

Tank at Camp Bow Wow

Tank in the car on his way home from a LONG weekend.  So tired.


  1. Tank on the way home is priceless. Your post makes me want to get to Austin, ASAP.

  2. i'm glad Tank did good on his first weekend at camp. little tike is growing up...haha