Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does Money Buy Happiness?

An interesting thought was brought to my attention this morning.  Does money buy happiness.....

I have a friend who is sitting in magistrate court right now.  Had she paid a ticket, she would not have been having to deal with this annyoing situation bright and early on St. Patrick's Day.  I mean who likes to go downtown, wait around, be crowded in a room with people you may not want to be crowded with.....  If she would have just PAID the ticket in the first place, she probably would have been happier right now.  In this situation, I would say money would have bought her happiness.

A lot of times you hear about weathly stars who O.D. on drugs, get DUI's, have bad relationships, cheat on their wives / husbands, etc.  Wouldn't you think they would be happy and not want to do those things?  They are stars for goodness sake!  They have everything in the world at their finger tips.  Most of them are good looking, make mega bucks, appear in films / ads, can purchase any designer label they want..... What MORE could they want?  And yet we still see them in the news making the worst mistakes.  Is it because they are not happy?  Or is it because too much money is a bad thing? 

(WRITERS NOTE:  I do not think all stars are screw-ups, obviously, I am only talking about the ones that get into trouble.  I am not labeling "stars").

Jack and I had planned on purchasing a bully ever since we first started dating.  We both loved the dogs and thought they were adorable!  The day we picked up VELCRO DOG, money bought happiness.  Tank brings so much love and happiness into our home.  There is nothing like walking in from work and him shaking around me just wanting to be pet.  He is always so excited to see me and it makes me SO HAPPY.

Now I am not saying money does or does not buy happiness.  Who am I to decide that?  I just wanted everyone to do a little thinking this morning.  What makes YOU HAPPY?  Does it cost or is it free?  And is the old saying "money doesn't buy happiness" we were all taught growing up really true?  Maybe so, maybe not.

Happy Happy St. Patricks Day to all of my readers (all 5 of you!).


  1. well, i am irish too jamie. this is a slippery slope. on one hand, the things that make me most happy are my friends and family...but i also like doing fun things with friends and family and you have to have money to do fun things....for instance, when we went to tulsa, sure we could have had fun amusing each other at your house, but how much more fun was it getting drinks and having dinner? maybe money does buy smiles.

    i know when i am flat broke i feel depressed....

    i'll keep thinking on this, because the politcially correct thing to say would be, NO. money does not buy happiness. but today, i feel like it does.

    green and greedY!

  2. food for thought: maybe it isn't the money you spent on tank that bought you happiness, maybe it is the love you share with him/for him that brings it to you everyday when you walk through that door? had you bought another dog, it might not have turned out the same way. in the end, i think those things in life that we have no control over are the things that have the possibility to make us most happy...and most sad. the rest, well, that's all just a measure of momentary satisfaction.

  3. my mom told me once, "it's true that money doesn't make you happy, but it sure makes things a hell of a lot easier and don't let anyone tell you any different." ha. while money does make life here on earth easier in some instances, it can never truly satisfy. in the end, the rich man and the poor man both pass away. presently, i'm still alive and in debt and it's stressful, but God keeps renewing my spirit and love from Robert, friends and family reminds me what really brings on the happiness...