Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Potluck Dinner Party (plus wine of course)

Some friends had us and a few other couples over last Friday for a Potluck Dinner Party and a wine tasting.  The food was absolutely delicious!  Our instruction on the wine tasting was to bring our wine we in a paper sack so nobody could tell who brought what bottle or which kind.  Was it expensive?  Was it cheap?

As we ate dinner, the hostess brought out the bottles of wine one at a time and let everyone taste.  We wrote down a few comments on our sheets of paper.  After we went through the 8 bottles, she brought them all back out and we talked about what we thought they tasted like, it we loved them, if we hated them, etc. before she ripped the bags off the bottles.  It was SO FUN and FUNNY!  Some people thought the best tasting wine was the one they brought, others weren't sure, I was nervous Jack and I brought the wine everyone said tasted horrible.  We had a blast!  I think the wines ranged between $7-$30.  So we had a great range.

Side note:  Jack and I brought bottle #8.  MooBuzz Pinot Noir.  It's $14.99 at the Liquor Store and if you open it before you drink it to let it breath, I think it tastes pretty darn good!  The ratings on our wine were some goods and some averages.  Nothing really special about this bottle of wine, but nobody said it was terrible :)

Try this fun idea at your next dinner party!  It's tons of fun!

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