Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Post: 1

Meet Brooxie...

Photos taken by Erin - Chicago

She is our little 3 year old firecracker of a niece.  We don't get to see her as often as we would like, but every time we do see her, we sure do get a show.  She is one of the smartest little girls I know.  She loves Elmo, Barney, Jessica, giving people check-ups with her doctors kit, coloring, dolls, her pups and making her baby brother laugh. 

Last night my sister-in-law, Sarah was sending pictures of Brooxie and her dad in her pool in the backyard.  What a good dad!  Just playing right along.  I couldn't help but share these photos below with everyone.  They make me smile!

Happy Tuesday.
Summer Fun!
Giving her Dad a "bath"
Reading bedtime stories "putting him down"



  1. hahahha!!! those pool pics are PRICELESS!!!

  2. Maybe I'll have to try sitting on little man for his future baths. Love it!