Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am a big All My Children fan, even though I don't watch everyday.  I watched it growing up with my Mom (we would tape and watch after school/work) and I still catch it about once or twice a week when I am home eating lunch.  I do think it is silly that protesters are out and about in front of the studios. Shows can't air forever - Move on already - there are much bigger things going on in the world today. But I do agree that it is crazy to replace an actual show, soap opera or not, with more reality TV!  NO MORE REALITY Television!!!! 

Soap Fans Protest Outside The Lincoln Center Over All My Children And One Life To LiveCancelations!

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We guess people are having a hard time letting go!
Now that long-running soap operas All My Children and One Life To Livehave officially gotten the axe by ABC, soap opera fans started a bit of a riot outside of the the Lincoln Center yesterday (above), protesting the new new daytime line-up - which will now feature reality series The Chew and The Revolution - while advertisers and upfront guests entered the building yesterday!
According to a brochure some are handing out, the replacement shows are merely "glorified infomercials appropriate for late-night basic cable channels, not for a major broadcast network."
Nobody likes to see their favorite shows canceled, but it's a part of life, guys!
Let's try and suck it up and move on, shall we?

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