Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Too. Much. Snow.

We have always thought Velcro Dog was a little snow bunny.  He likes to run and jump around and fling snow from his back paws as he runs around the yard.  Not this week.  This week Tank does not like the snow.  There is just too much of it.  Although Tank is a small guy, he weighs 50lbs.  50lbs sinks into the snow.  Easily.  So our little guy drowns in snow unless his Dad shovels him a path.  He definitely does not like to be out long, instead, he likes to spend his lazy snow days on the couch, watching the snow from his favorite spot in front of the window. 

I definitely think we are all getting a little cabin fever over here.  There is only so much food and so much vino you can drink in two days.  Enjoy our few snowy pictures!  Jack, Tank and I hope everyone reading this is staying warm!

Super Husband, has been shoveling for the past 2 days!
Tank checking out the snow.

On Tuesday we went to visit the Graham's.  Here is V3 playing with his trains.

Checking out some college recruiting information

The most handsome snow man.

V3 and his Momma, Natalie

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