Monday, February 21, 2011

All Things Baby

I can't stop browsing the internet looking for baby things.  Nothing in particular, I think my excitement is just getting to me!  I mean I can't stop!  I have found a few cute things, but this one item stood out to me!  I think the concept is so wonderful and the product is totally cute!  You know each month your baby gets older, you take pics.  Some people sit their baby in the same place every month and snap a picture to email friends and family the babies growth!  Some mom's write down the month of age on a piece of paper and prop it up in front of baby..... I found these little doo-dads on  They are stickers you put on onesie's each month to show the age of the baby!  They are cheap and way cuter than writing 6 months, (3 months, 10 months.... you get the idea) on a piece of notebook paper.  They have girls stickers, boys stickers, all kinds!  And they cost around $13!!!  Cute, cheap, great photo ops.  Then you can just throw the stickers away after you have used them for your picture and you won't feel guilty about wasting money!
NECK TIE argyle monthly onesie stickers
I love the little Argyle Necktie boy stickers.  You can find them HERE on esty.
8 Days until our next doctor's appointment!  We can't wait to hear the little bean's heartbeat!  

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