Friday, November 5, 2010

"Chasing Ben Affleck?!"

Tulsa News Channel 8 has gone too far.  Two nights ago, a commercial came on the TV and Jack was like "Have you seen this?" and rewound the DVR.  I found myself watching a commercial that is basically begging Ben Affleck to call into the news station and talk with them.  They start flashing News Channel 8's phone number on the TV screen, "Ben Affleck, if you are watching this, give us a call, we'd love to talk with you".  It is SO CREEPY.  I have been searching YouTube all morning, but cannot find a video clip of this.  I will keep working on it and post  if I come across it.  I DIE.

Then Channel 8 goes one step further.  Please see the story link below and video (they mention "snooping" and "stalking" one too many times in their video and story reports).  I bet Ben Affleck didn't think shooting a movie in Bartlesville, OK would be so annoying.  News Channel 8 has become the TMZ of Tulsa.

Please click on the "Ben Affleck Sighting!" icon to the left and watch the video...... As if nothing else is going on in our community.  Sure, people are out of work, there are pot holes on Peoria that are bigger than Grand Lake, people are being murdered and robbed, some Tulsan's can't afford food or clothing for themselves or their children, we have troops overseas fighting in a war and many have not made it home....... But by all means, let's all take time out of our day to "stalk" Ben Affleck.  Forget reporting on all of the necessary things, News Channel 8.  Just keep creepin' on the Affleck Family.  I hear that Hollywood stars hate having their privacy, anyway.......


  1. They would never do that in OKC, however all of the news stations would know where to find Ben...Casa de Mary Green.

  2. Hahaha, yes, that is ridiculous! I couldn't imagine being them.

  3. i just saw this.....CRACKING UP...way to go Tulsa news!!