Thursday, June 24, 2010

UGA - Cool as Ice!

How come Oklahoma gets so hot this time of year?  Is there an ocean where we can lay out at the beach?  No.  Is there a nice cool breeze in the evenings?  No.  Just hot, humid, stale air.  People in these parts concentrate on keeping hydrated and cool during our warm summer months.  But what about are furry friends?  Do we concentrate on keeping them cool as well?  Heck, we are hot and we aren't covered in FUR!

Velcro Dog has a doggy pool in our backyard that I fill with water and ice on days we are outside for a long period of time.  I even put little rubber duckies in the pool this year.  You should see Tank with them, it's like he is bobbing for apples.  Tank will not sit down in the pool.  Only stand, drink water and try to get his duckies out of the water.  Maybe I should consider just filling his pool with ice?  You think then he would just sit on it?

My boss sent me the following photo this afternoon. Now this pup has the right idea!!!

And it's not just this dog who loves ice.

UGA (pronounced UH-guh) is the name of a lineage of bulldogs who get the opportunity of becoming the University of Georgia's mascot.  I was telling my friend Ande, that Georgia's bully mascot sits on bags of ice during hot football games.  Please read below this insert from Wikipedia:

The dogs, tended by members of the Seiler family, are present at every Georgia Bulldogs home football game, most away games, and many University-related functions. Uga wears a spiked collar and a red jersey with varsity letter. In 2007, he wore a black jersey for the "Blackout" game against Auburn. Uga is friendly and outgoing, and loves to lick children who attend the games.[citation needed] His jersey is made from the same fabric as the players' official game jerseys. Uga is even issued an official student identification card. Uga travels in an air conditioned dog house and sits on bags of ice at games, as the breed is susceptible to heat stroke (a problem in the humid southeastern United States).

So please remember readers, Bully's aren't the only dogs who get hot in this WARM weather!  Take precaution and make sure your furry friend has fresh cold water at all times and try not to make him or her be out in this nasty heat too long...... For more information on keeping your pet safe during the summer months visit this link from the Humane Society:


  1. i get so excited when we see UGA!! i didn't know that was his name either! i'm so glad to hear they keep him cool! and it is important to think about your pups in the heat! pugs are susceptible to heat strokes too! and (this is a sad story) but when i was little my dad went running with our chocolate lab, Crockett, and he died of a heat stroke :( sad!

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I was just telling Teddy yesterday that the people who leave their dogs outside all day in this heat w/o pools and ice should wear fur coats all day and sit outside. They would for sure croak.