Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Excitement!

Friends, I have a confession.......I get really excited for Christmas!  I normally start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies around the beginning of October.  This year I think I started listening to Christmas music at work back in September!!!  The movie watching has taken a downhill slope - Jack (Scrooge) doesn't believe in watching Christmas movies unless it is in fact, December.  He thinks I am CrAzY!!!  Yesterday while running errands I came across this dog sweater for Tank.  I am going to get him in the Christmas spirit even if Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet.  We tried it on last night.... SO HANDSOME!  $9.99 at Target. 

One more pic I would like to share with everyone.... This is how Tank was sleeping this morning (I guess the holidays have already worn him out):

Merry Chrismtas to all, and to all a good night!


  1. Tank is ready for the holidays!!! He is so precious! Robert's parents say that Mike loves wearing costumes and Tank the same way?

  2. Tank HATES it. Haha! He gets so mad when we put shirts on him, but he loves his necklaces/collars :) Little diva!